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bookjournal Sorceress 194-227

Missisquoi was a village where a lot of different nationalities lived, not just Indians, also Frenchmen and some Englishmen.
The Frenchmen who thought they were better then everybody else were often drunk and treated the Indians like they were slaves.
But one day when a man called Le Frenais tried to do some horrible things with Mary, he disappeared on a strange way and didn't get found before the spring had come to the village.

A new reputation went throw the village, and people who earlier had been grateful to Mary because of her gift began to talk about her as a Witch.

Mary knew that her chances to survive in the village wasn't big now when the Christian had come, so she decided to follow Black Fox and his friend Naugatuck to Mount Royale.
Even if she now went to a village were the most of the people was French she thought it was a better idea then try to survive alone in the forest.

But I'm not sure that it was, because after just some hours in Mound Royale a man came to them with some soldiers behind him. He commanded Mary and Ephraim to follow him and his soldiers, and Mary hadn't other choice then do what she had been told.
But Ephraim was faster and ran away.

It turned out that both Mary and Ephraim had a price on their head, and that Mr Peterson wanted them both back.
But Le Grand, who usually worked as a hijacker was after he had meet Mary not sure if he wanted to expose her anymore.
He told her that he maybe wanted her himself, or maybe sell her in French for good money,
but before he should decide what to do, he needed the boy.

But Mary had other plans with her life. Le Grands' servant was an Indian, and she had told her that Black Fox just was waiting for the right moment to come and save her, and that she should hold out!!!

Naugatuck was a fine young man... I would not have his blood spilt for me. I would have to go with the Frenchmen, there was no other way. (page 213.)

I think Mary is a nice and generous woman who not wants anyone to do something dangerous for her safe.
It feels like she's always calm.
That she know exactly what to do in every situation, and I think she trust her fate a lot.

Skrivet av petralundin, 2006-04-02 19:33

"It turned out that both ...." -WELL PUT!

"A new reputation..."
Annat ord för rykte här.

Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-04-18 18:36

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