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A couple of months ago I wrote about how to install 9.04 on Macbook Air 2,1. I never really got it to work well but I knew Karmic Koala was coming soon so I did not spend time on it.

Now it is out and unfortunately it does not work perfect out of the box. Installing from the normal desktop 32-bit CD I got read errors (might have been the external drive's fault). Instead I went for the alternative install CD and it worked better.

The newly installed system got a kernel boot option acpi=off and with that I managed to boot, but only after first booting OSX.

I also noticed that only one core was detected by the kernel and it had no support for frequency scaling.

After reading up on more kernel boot options and testing about 100 times (reboots) I finally found the holy combination that fixes all problems:

  • Boot Ubuntu direct w/o need to first boot OSX
  • Both CPU cores are detected
  • CPU freq scaling works
  • Shutdown turns off power
  • Suspend to RAM works

So, where is the magic? Here it is: acpi=noirq and pnpacpi=off. Enjoy!

(31 kommentarer, senast 2010-09-12 17:58)

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