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2015-12-17 00:48 - arlona
resolution 2015/2016

i must admit, i don't think i have ever filled up any resolution as i did the last one

i quit my job. enjoyed the summer. and am writing this entry from peru. not bad. not bad at all. in fact, this year has been the most difficult and challenging in my life. never before have i had so many obstacles to overcome emotionally. but thankfully, the sun, the food, the music the people and the great changes foremost have put me back on my track and beyond.

new challenges? bring it on! let's take into account that in 2016 i will turn 30.

so the next years challenges are as follows:

1. finish the novel (tbh i'm already seeing failure here, i'm putting it off already and making excuses)
2. buy a motorbike
3. move back into my apartment and make it epic
4. get the best body of my life (or keep the existing, it's pretty epic already)
5. rock my job
6. start saving up for a new property. yes, yes, i know, i know. dream those little dreams. but well, i love greece

i've been doing nothing but fulfilling my dreams. travelling. translating. writing. resting. enjoying life. sports, sports, sports. writing. and getting a new job that will give me the security and stability i have been looking for.

everything falls into the right place.
simply perfect.

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2015-02-19 22:03 - arlona
Resolution. 2014/2015

i was sloppy with my last year's resolution, but not this year.

this year i have a plan.

1. quit my job.
this will take 2 more months, so i can have the three beautiful summer months free, just books, viola, beaches and free time and will be done with my fiscal responsibilities by then.

2. enjoy the summer.

3. go see the world.
i wanted to work for a cruise line last september, but due to some emotional roller coaster i decided to postpone it. now the time has come when i can make a fine blend of business and pleasure - rent out my apartment thus having no costs and get paid to see the world.

this is gonna be an epic year.

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2012-12-21 12:19 - arlona

it is simply amazing that i have been able to keep writing these resolutions, 5th year in a row now. this has been one of the best years, with amazing people, events. there have been heavy mistakes leading to amazing lectures. there have been simple people discovering outrageous truths for me.

so first looking back to things done this year:
have been lucky to have travelled a lot this year.
run half-marathon - check!
learn russian in a level i don't embarrass myself in public - mission still in progress
make 4 weeks without alcohol - check!
write a short story - didn't even rembmer i wished for this, but in that case - posponed
print all my fave photographies - check! more to print this year :)

i have also learned to perceive things easier, to work more on relations instead of giving the shitty "well i don't need you anyway" attitude. people aren't morons. i've been blessed with my bf who is the most awesome person i know, every day he teaches me patience, humility, and simply, how to be nice. it is wonderful. it pays off in so many levels.

so the plan for next year:
graduate master's
travel abroad
go fishing locally
rejoin gym
finish the apartment

and spend some more time on resting and less on stressing.
happy new year everyone!

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2011-12-22 09:06 - arlona

keeping the tradition, just like 2010/2011 with the addition and wishlist (jeez, i've been demanding last year, haven't i?) and 2009/2010 and 2008/2009
countries of this year? just estonia and georgia. i'll try better next year.

so what are the things done this year?
driver's license? check
master's? check
awesome summer? double check!

didn't get a motorbike, but fixed up my awesome antique bicycle. been sleeping, gym-ing, reading, and updated my music list, for sure. expecting less from ppl has been one of the greatest resolutions i have ever asked from myself. that has brought entirely new experiences in relationships, and i expect to keep this up.

what concerns all the items i wanted, got only half of them, but i translate this as a sign of modesty concerning material things.

so for 2012, a year to which i will give a great contribution for it to turn out amazing, here are the expected things:

motorbike (yeah yeah, this is getting old)
a trip to an exotic place (loooong vacation)
run half-marathon in spring
watch all dr who episodes
collect at least 1000 signatures
learn russian in a level i don't embarrass myself in public
make 4 weeks without alcohol
write a short story
learn to walk on hands
print all my fave photographies

and get a fucking it-themed tshirt. really miss my geeky side.

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2010-12-27 10:10 - arlona

it is a material world we are living in. people should attach to people and use things, but in this world often it works vice versa. however, things are nice. we can't be without them. since christmas are gone, i feel i can put down the things i really want, without anyone taking it as a hint.

"pulse" dvd by pink floyd
robert frost, collection of his poems,
the book "1001 films you have to see before you die"
the collection of "hitchhikers guide of the galaxy" latvian edition
a new piercing
a casing for my guitar
a novel collection by virginia woolf
an IT themed tshirt ^^

they might seem ridiculous and just "wishing for things" is so not cool. but i do. so bite me. :) happy new year and good luck with your wishlist!

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2010-12-20 18:51 - arlona

..to the next years resolution:

expect less from people
take greater care of my teeth :) they have been really good to me

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2010-12-20 12:27 - arlona

amazingly enough, this is the third year of my annual look-backs on the last year and resolutions for the next one. my previous are available for 2009 and 2008

i didn't set up any tasks, besides graduating (and i did it), so that's fine. i've stopped screwing with guys heads and for once i should promise myself to sleep more again. for my own sake.

countries of 2010 in alphabetical order: austria, france, germany, greece, norway, poland, slovakia, sweden, swiss.

i have been a good girl, struggling with personal issues (as usually, the lack of issues last year was just the pure mirage that living in another country gives) and being as humble as ever (that has actually never been a trait of mine).

next years resolutions:
more sleep
more books
more gym
and more music.

next years activities:
actually get a drivers license
buy a motorbike
have the most awesome summer ever
enter the master's programme

this sounds like a plan and pretty darn good at that matter. i need to care less, because ppl tell me i have too much feelings, so i need to guard them up, put in a jar and hide like under a bed or smth. anyhow, i'm looking forward to next year. gonna try to build and igloo during the new years celebration and drink a bottle of vodka. will be done.

p.s. i'll try to use my gf potential next year :)

Merry Christmas n Happy New Year!

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ha, well here's a little bit of an ego feed of how damn well i handled my new years resolutions of 2009: sleeping more and caring less. well, i must admit i've never been sleeping that much as this year. thats what big amounts of regular booze does to you. caring? i learnt that caring is good. you just have to filter things to care about and things to ignore.

so where habe i been i this year? alphabetical order: albania, greece, italy, latvia, norway and sweden. so im gonna add a few more to the list this year.

all an all, the year was great. i mean it was mind blowing and awesome. i had the time of my life and it did good for me in more than one way. i just hope too keep that up next year.

things im looking forward to:

orchestra concert. most likely the last one in a veeery long time.
trip to berlin. long time no see.
returning back home.
taking drivers licence.
writing my BA and graduating.

and absolutely no idea of what then. in fact i do have ideas, but unfortunately too many of them. we'll see. time will tell. last year was great, next year will be better.

thats a littler longer entry for a change.

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christamas eve rocked. if i ever write a book, the person i was by is going to be one of the characters. i love my life. i loved christmas, i got more than i could ever ask for. i am in peace with myself and everything is just perfect.

new year resolutions:
stop listening and interacting unless it is really worth it
stop screwing with ppls (read: guys') heads
stop being aggressive

care less and sleep more

next year's activities:
long holidays
trip to sweden
trip to norway
trip to freaking f**king greece
trip to coldplay's
4th and final bachelor year starting

how bad can this be? freaking awesome.
love my life.

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