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Bryant won the Olympic gold medal non-stop from London arrived. The activities arranged by the sponsor to give him one by one, first Jinan, followed by Wuhan, Guangzhou. Last night, he flew to Shanghai to complete the last of his line, he also said in an interview, "has been considered not to like Marbury to the CBA to play, but I have a lot of concerns, the biggest problem is my physical, the other environmental problems may cause sleep is not very good. "

Two Olympic gold medals, five championship rings, Bryant basketball career, all things are possible. What is the next target? Bryant's very firm tone: "Every game competitiveness, is my attitude towards life." Bryant Sprite star basketball exhibition held in Shanghai over a score of addiction, he contributed 68 points for the team, the Guangdong team Chen, and a number of stars, including Jay Chou, JJ, Wu Chun, Alan Kuo, Chien-Chou Chen, Aaron, Jane Zhang and Buy Oakley Sunglasses Cindy took part Cheap Oakley Sale in the exhibition, and tournament ticket sales donated to the China Youth Development Foundation, used to finance the Discount Oakley Sunglasses hope Primary School improve basketball facilities.

Bryant 10 Olympic champions just to help a dream, this is his last Olympic Games, I am very lucky to be able to achieve today's success, however, I was a little sad and give up the gold medal to Oakley Cheap China's previous in public service activities should also be a friend requires out for everyone to read. "Bryant in the Olympic Games to play out," because I have worked hard on this role, I not only have to score but also defensive. "Bryant equally full of confidence for next season trip to the NBA, Nash and Howard has joined, and Pau Gasol also did not leave, "I am very happy, I hope next year we can Cheap Oakley Sunglasses to the Finals, I hope we can survive. we will fight for the efforts of our team has a lot of good Oakley Discount Sunglasses players will enjoy the game of the field. "

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Yao Ming's tentacles are getting longer. Yesterday, a financial Cheap Oakley Sale media spread the news that Yao Ming has accepted the two private equity firms, reached PE (private equity) in the field. Said that the total size of these two fund companies will reach $ 6.6 billion. Yao Ming of the scale of investment is becoming more and more from the United Si Zhuang, Whale Music, CBA team, to create a wine brand, and then to intervene in the PE. There are a lot of financial professionals to see Yao Ming go so fast, he Nie Bahan yesterday there is a well-known financier microblogging "giant on the court, to the field of the PE will be a giant do?"

Yao Ming left the game, frequently in the investment field action, but these investments on the scale looks more like a hobby rather than professional investors. But last year, Yao began a more professional and larger investment. Early last year, Yao Ming, first participated in the Douglas fir Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Douglas fir Fund"), the lead, the company is a sports industry as the main investment Cheap Oakley Sunglasses direction PE. After some time, in June last Buy Oakley Sunglasses year, Yao shot again, took over Chongqing, Chongqing, Fu Hongyuan, equity investment fund management companies (referred to as "Hongyuan Ji gold").

The Hongyuan Ji gold Oakley Cheap now raised the initial capital raise will end in August this year. Yao Ming in which the main work is to use their influence to help their fund raising funds. The Hongyuan Ji gold investment is said to have been close to finalized, is likely to invest in a key state-owned enterprises of Chongqing SASAC.

Many financial professionals Oakley Discount Sunglasses on the sidelines, Yao's ability to invest Yesterday, a well-known financier microblogging, "small plates (refer to UCO on Strong) the hottest time into the hottest wine into, PE is such a hot, Yao Ming went back in, Discount Oakley Sunglasses although he may not cast much money, but really make money?

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August 11, according to U.S. media sources Howard will want to come to the Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses Lakers, which can not help but reminiscent of Paul's transaction is whether, when the experts of the Los Angeles Times that the Lakers backwards ten years, and now Nash came, Howard is also very may join, the strength of the Lakers has become an unprecedented powerful. In addition, the days of Bryant in the Lakers will not last long, and now has Howard, Lakers also found a star headed for many years to come, he will soon become the darling of the Los Angeles Lakers, the object of many media blitz.

In the summer of 1996, the draft pick of the Lakers trading Kobe Bryant and O'Neal to renew. In the last month, the Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak in the team's training base Oakley 2012 on Nash, he talked about the Lakers current transformation and some of the challenges involved in "I really do not know that there is such a possibility," Oakley UK 2012 Kupchak Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses said. He even got a new season of the collective bargaining agreement provisions, complex contracts and transactions as an example to illustrate.

However, in the summer of 2012 look and that summer, much like in 1996, because the Lakers once again from magic, where a super center, the teams take off around the corner. Prior to this, Howard does not come to the Lakers have plenty of reasons, including a Howard willing to come. In addition, the Lakers lack of attractive draft picks; Lakers in Oakley UK addition to Bynum, did not show for young players; Lakers no more cap space to accept the garbage contract; Howard even to the Lakers, he is not willing to Lakers renew their contracts. When the Lakers, like the Bobcats, the attractiveness of Howard was too weak.

But here also there is a reason eventually attracted Howard, that is, Oakley Sunglasses Bryant lost the playoffs with the Thunder, he remained very calm, Lakers management did not stop the pace of reinforcement, they get Nash, Jamison that the determination of the Lakers chase the championship is still in the strength of the players, to the outside world. While the contrast of the other teams chasing Howard, for example, the Mavericks, they are not hired DeLong - Williams.

Also allow Howard heart, his future is definitely headed star of the Lakers, Bryant's contract Oakley Sunglasses Store Online until at least 2014, but the Lakers will eventually belong to Howard. By then he will become the darling of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Känns det han säger bekant? Det borde det, därför att det kunde lika så gärna ha varit en svensk tidning han omtalat - kanse SvD eller DN?

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July 7 Olympic Reuters suffered the injury plagued Team USA has finally announced to the London Olympics squad, Griffin, Andre Iguodala Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses and Harden locked the last three places.

"Although many players injury in an emergency, but based on the level of excellence of the American Basketball list of compression to 12 people or spend a lot of effort, the American Basketball Association, the main said in a statement" the establishment of the final list, considering the security team athletic ability, variety Hot Oakley Sunglasses of Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses player types and the overall depth on our bench and so on. "

Team USA in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Buy Oakley Sunglasses For Cheap Games and 2010 World Championships have been won in the London Olympics, 2012 Oakley Sunglasses Sale Team USA had hoped to combine the two previous championship team to build a strong team, but Wade, Howard, Ross, Aldridge, and many other big players have pulled out injured.

Just for the first time NBA champion Miami Heat "Emperor" James, won gold in Beijing Olympics "Dream 9" partner, Bryant, Anthony, Paul and Williams meet again, head coach Mike Krzyzewski (the old K again to the Olympic gold medal), under the command of attack.

In addition, last season's NBA scoring king, Oklahoma Oakley Active Sunglasses Thunder star Durant and teammate Westbrook on the list.

View of the final three places for Griffin, Andre Iguodala and Harden, this also means that a sprained ankle this week, still can not participate in the national team training this year's draft pick, Davis, and Gordon and Guy have missed the Olympics.

As the defending champion, the old K led the U.S. team in Group A, has been determined group of opponents of the Sydney 2000 Olympic runner-up France, the 2004 Athens Olympic champion Argentina and African champions Tunisia. Old K "Dream Team defending the road will be full of thorns.

12 London Olympics, USA Basketball squad is: Anthony (New York Knicks), Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers), Chandler (New York Knicks), Durant (Oklahoma Ma Thunder), Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers), Harden (Oklahoma Thunder), Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers), James (Miami Heat), Lufkin (Minnesota Timberwolves), Paul (Los Angeles Clippers ), Westbrook (Oklahoma Thunder), Williams (Brooklyn Nets).

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In this way, a Kevin Garnett became the summer many free agent contract, according to U.S. media reports, he accepted the Celtic given three-year $ 34 million r contract extension. In fact, he did not have to wait until July 1, immediately you can accept this contract.

First KG I am concerned, this is really a good opportunity not to be missed, in May, Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses he had celebrated his 36th birthday, at this age how to offer other teams in the Union? Take a look at Derek Fisher, a one-year veteran of the contract? In any case is $ 6,000,000 a year is amazing, three years is about more do not have to want to surprise, after all, the situation is completely different with him a contract, cut pay half is not too much.

Furthermore, his desire is so, he once said, never again will the effectiveness of any other team, which means his good left in the Celtics or simply retired to prepare drastic apart so lucrative contract delivery have to say that before the Celtics upper to be extremely generous. Other players in the league would envy, the sun of 27-year-old small forward Gerald Dudley is one of the "old media can stop KG, Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses the pace can not keep up, the old guy signed his fourth contract 34 million! Oakley Asian Fit Sunglasses I really hope he is old. "

At the same time, the Celtics, this is a very important signing and signals. Many nights, Garnett is still the best one in the team quickly left behind him, the Celtics still have enough cap space. Since the salary do not have to worry about the Celtics in front, there are two plans to look for other free agent reinforcement team, they know whether it is out in force, or spend a full mid-level exception Hot Oakley Sunglasses can make team get the desired player.

Celtics suspend the pace of reconstruction

Many teams have faced with this dilemma, leaving the core of the older veterans or hoarding more young players in order to future redevelopment? When the Celtics reached the renewal with KG, they appeared to be preparations on both hands together.

Pierce two-year contract, leaving KG, the Celtics perhaps leaving Ray Allen is still the configuration of the Big Three, so it seems did not choose to complete reconstruction of this road, this is not not good idea, Oakley Active Sunglasses after all, Rajon Rondo's progress for all to see, the latter was 26-year-old contract expire until 2015.

At the same time, they are also thinking Oakley Sunglasses Store Online to be more younger people of Boston in the NBA Draft took off the Gerald Su Linge and France cloth Mello, which makes their frontcourt needs are met, but without polished Merlot has been seen as a potential starting center materials. 21-year-old Avery Bradley, who have their own ability to squeeze starting, he can replace Allen, of course, have to look at the Celtics are not intend to bid farewell with this great shooter. The class can brotherhood impressed Allen is the best low-cost renewal, or else the list of president Danny Ainge, OJ Mayo and Crawford have to wait for other people.

The next question is Brandon Bass to how to do, if he chose out of the contract, then the addition of $ 13 million in cap space theoretically Celtic completely you can go to sign at least two players. Apparently around Garnett, the Celtics current approach is to allow the veteran to shore scene first, and then with a young, smooth growth, and slowly transition.

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On June 8, news, NBA playoff continues. The celtics at home to the Miami heat to the east finals game 6 on race, with James excellent performance, the heat 98-79 victory over the celtics, the total into 3 or 3 1-1 at the flat. Both sides of the tie-break will return to Miami. James cast in his Ray Ban Wayfarer 26 19, 45 points, 15 contribution rebounds and five assists, and the playoffs 45 + 15 + 5 of the luxury data is the NBA for the first time since 1964, and a complete the feat player is will wilt, (50 + 15 + 6). Half of the got 30 points, this is his playoff career in the first half of the highest (the original record is 28 points), is also the history of the Miami heat half record. After this, James playoff career total to score 3101 points, beyond "dr J" Owen, (3088 points) in NBA playoff history's scoring ranking ascension to 18 th. Distance in a row 17 daniels-Johnson (3116 points) only 15 points of bad points.
In the sixth war before the game, green unlined upper garment army of fans in the electronic bulletin board highway hit "Go Celtics! Fck Ray Ban UK LBJ! (the Celtics Ray Ban Sunglasses come on! Stem dead James)" slogan. But these and cannot influence to James, but his fierce in game 6 of the outbreak.
After the game James says: "my friends have hear all of my attack, you all know how long? To me, the most important Ray Ban 2012 is to Ray Ban Aviator focus on the game tonight, help the team to Ray Ban Outlet win the game. Electronic card written on every letter on behalf of my will to their basket threw it into the three points."

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7, the NBA playoffs in game 6 Ray Ban Outlet of the western conference finals, thunder at home against the spurs won. Rely on durant's nearby inglewood, thunder in one behind 18 points in a 107-99 reversed the spurs, even pull four games aggregate score than 2 to 4 eliminate a rival, into the finals.
In total score on by the opponent "let two after three", the spurs Duncan said the Lord before the game had to have. Race to the away very good indeed, manu ginobili hit after the three points, parker is extraordinarily brave anomalies, and the spurs will expand to advantage for 18 points. In the first quarter than in the 20 thunder 34 backward, time to 48-63 day still lag behind.
And on a game, the spurs let ginobili into the team guarantee from the first team, but weakened the spurs substitute in the squad, in the face of young thunder, the future trouble in the post-war appeared again to gradually. The spurs attack shooting down, the third quarter made just seven of 22 shots. The thunder started to force, especially durant, single quarter got 14 Ray Ban 2012 points of the third quarter ZhanBa, the spurs by just 81-80 lead thunder 1 points.
Small into defensive war, both sides want to score is very difficult, but with the stamina will the spurs blew on killing, Kevin durant Ray Ban Sunglasses and HaDeng continuous attack drawing fouls and get free throw the home team, gradually expand the advantage, eventually to a 107-99 win, eliminated the spurs with big comeback.
This is the first time the NBA finals thunder, Ray Ban Aviator formerly the supersonics who at the 1996 NBA finals, 2008 Seattle renamed "thunder" and move Ray Ban UK to a new city. As an NBA army, thunder into the finals for the first time more means that the western pattern break, Dallas and Los Angeles Ray Ban Wayfarer lakers and the SAN Antonio spurs this three teams in the western xiong, after 13 years, finally handed over the top position.

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Nästa inlägg

2010-03-07 02:07 - Bergatorparen
Till The End Of Time

... med The Lennon Sisters har många fina ackord och framförs på ett rekorderligt sätt. Kanske har vi ett eller annat att lära?

(4 kommentarer, senast 2010-03-19 01:39)

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2009-02-09 01:52 - nordic89
En helg med Josefine

Enkoping 9/2-09 Kl 1:44

Hur e de??
- Allt e bra med mig iaf efter en lugn och mysig helg spenderad med Josefine efter att farsan akt ivag pa kryssning mellan lordag och sondagen, sa vi hyrde en rulle oo at lite gott oo chillade. =) Filmen var HOME OF THE BRAVE som handlade om ett gang soldater som krigade for USA nere i Irak dar man ocksa fick folja hur de gick for dom nar dom kom hem till vardagslivet hemma i USA. En bra film som far 3,5 av 5 mojliga fran mig...
Annars har jag bah kikat lite hockey, LG Hockey Games...en turnering som Sverige vann tillslut..grattis de var vall pa tiden!
Men men nu ska jag spela SWAT4, vi hors!
hej hej!

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2009-01-20 23:12 - Eppelskrutt9
In The Well

Det här var faktiskt en engelska uppsats.. Vi skulle skriva om en person, som satt fast i en djup brunn.
Man fick inte använda ett rep eller en stege för att komma upp. Vi skulle skriva om hur personen hade hamnat där, vem som bar skulden till det,anledningen till allt & våran engelska lärare tvingade oss även att skriva den som ett sms eller, alltså. . . i brevform. Å glöm inte att vi minst skulle skriva ca 250 ord !!! Jag var det enda som skrev 507 haha, jag va tydligen även den enda i klassen som skrev nått fantasi-aktigt, min lärare, Lucy, tyckte att den va så bra så som bad om tillåtelse att få läsa den inför alla.
Hon gav mig Mvg på uppsatsen å skrev : Super! , som komentar. Men en sak hon missa (som jag själv inte ens märkte) var att jag har gjort ett enormt mitt-framför-näsan fel i den här berättelsen, Gudars..det är egentligen så uppenbart om man verkligen läser å lyssnar på hela berättelsens handling.
Få se om du kan hitta det? :D Så kom ihåg att komentera, LOVA att komentera om också du hittade det där felet !
Här är den :

" In the well"

Joshua Butler I’m stuck, in the same well you fell down to ten years ago.
Do you remember ?
You saw a snake and picked it up to show it to me when you came up.
I closed my eyes, moved my hands over my ears and screamed at you to take it away, and afterwards, when we got home, you asked me if I was afraid of snakes.

I never answered to your question , right?

I will tell you now and no I'm not afraid of, I'm just afraid to see or hear them. You may not understand what I mean when I say that it's because of my "disease."
It’s like this, whenever I see or hear a snake, I transforms in to one.
More specific ,a snake of the legends.
We heard about them when we was about five years old, the Silverhorn-snake.

You maybe wonder when it happened to me? It was the last time we played with each other in the forest. When you went mad at me for something I can’t remember now, and you ran away , you just ran and ran, didn’t even look back. You just left me there, standing all by my self.

When you were gone a snake came, it was white just like the snow in the December mornings. I had herd of them in the legends, but who would know that they actually existed.

The snake suddenly rushed at me and bite me in my arm. I don’t know how I got away from there or where I went , I just know from that moment , whenever I see or hear a snake, I transforms.

My brother Steve knows that, and he have used it against me. He placed a snake in my room and then threw me in a bag after I transformed.

He babbled all the way down to the forest ,about how much he always wanted me to disappear and never come back, so that he could be the ”spoiled cow” in the family.

I’ve always knew he hated me, but not that much that he would throw me down here.
I guess I was wrong. Brothers, and family can’t always be trusted, I think there is too much envy and conflicts in the air between them.

You don’t need to think about bringing a ladder, the well is to deep. A rope would not work either because the rocks are to phlegm.

I have an idea how I could come up from this well, but you have to trust me on this.
The only necessary thing to bring with you is a snake. And the will-power to let me bite you in your outstretched arm, don’t worry , I wont let any poison drip in to your veins.

So, that’s that. Now I hope and wonder if you, Joshua would like to help me up from this goddamned old well?
I'm asking you as a friend. I trust you and hope you trust me.

Words: 507

Written by : Frida.D
Class : 9e
Date : The Second October 2008

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