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The jungle book, by Rudyard Kipling (english b)

Personal opinion.

My personal opinion about the book is very positive. I think it’s a great book for both kids and adults because it’s exiting with adventures and it takes place in a foreign country with jungles and strange animals. The story never gets boring and that is for me is a big plus, many books such as the lord of the rings or a hundred years of loneliness for example are both popular books but they both have long passages were the book is really describing of the nature and the surroundings and doesn’t have enough action for about half the book and that is really boring to me, that doesn’t exist in this book maybe because it is a children’s book mostly and kids don’t like that sort of things.

There is several stories’ in the book not only the one made famous by Disney with Mowgli and Balo and the others besides that one the book also includes Rikki-tikki-tavi the little mongoose, the white wale, Tooami of the elephants and her majesty’s servants. All of the stories are great in there own way about the animals that you can find in India not all are filled with action like in the first story about Mowgli but there interesting and funny in there own way and as said before never boring. Because there is different stories there is a bunch of different characters in the book that al are different in one way and I think that the diversity is really good because each and every one of us can find something we like maybe in Shere Khan the tiger or in the brave mongoose Rikki-tikki that fought the evil snakes Nag and Nagina or maybe the white wale that travels al around the sea searching for a safe haven for his peers. Besides al this the language is simple as well as the stories so there isn’t hard to follow the story. Over al I think it’s a great book and I feel I can recommend it to anyone and they would appreciate the book.

Skrivet av skalman, 2006-04-23 22:51

Interesting, Calle.

I am glad you liked the book.

Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-05-17 07:34

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