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L.A. confidential (english b)

L.A. confidential

The plot takes place in Los Angeles in the 50s. It’s a story about police corruption. It starts with bud white who is a brute police man who can do some less legal stuff to take down the criminals. He and his partner are out buying liquor to the police party at the station. When they come back they find out that some criminals that have beaten down some of there fellow police officers are in custody so they all walk down to the cell to give them a beating.

The police chief finds out and asks everybody if they now who did it and they find a snitch in Ed Exley who is a police golden boy that only plays buy the rules. They also forces Jack Vincennes to rat out the others buy threatening him with losing his job at a popular TV police show. Buds partner gets the blame and gets fired with only a couple of weeks to pension.

Later he turns up dead with eight other persons, shot in a diner. When they start to investigate the murder and find and shoot what they think are the guilty people. But something isn’t right and Jack Vincennes gets killed investigating this. Ed Exley realises this and starts to investigate. The bad cop manipulates bud by using his girlfriend so that Bud would kill Ed. But Ed manage to tell bud the story between the punches. They team up against the bad cops and almost gets killed at the end.

Jack Vincennes is a cop but he also work with a TV police show and helps them with the police stuff to make it look real. He likes glamour and are a real Hollywood cop. In the movie he’s forced to testify against buds partner or else he won’t be able to help in the TV show. He also starts to investigate deeper in the case with the killing in the diner and finds out that dirty cops are involved, and that the ones they have killed had been framed. Jack seems to be a nice guy and is a happy person in the movie.

1. Glamorous
2. Honest
3. Hollywood cop
4. Dead

I think it was a pretty good movie with an interesting plot about police corruption. I think the twist at the end was the thing that made the movie good.

The Differences between the Swedish police now and the LAPD in the 50s. I think that the Swedish police force has less corruption and racism with stricter rules and better control over the officers.

Skrivet av skalman, 2006-04-26 16:52

hört talas om nånting som heter punkter, kommatecken, frågetecken, utropstecken osv? nä, jag visste väl det..

Skrivet av existera, 2006-04-27 19:41

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