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I’ve always been sad that i love you forever
And i always gonna miss you
I sad that if you died i would die
I sad i be there for you in to the end
I also sad that if you do something bad
I would take responsebility for it
I sad to you everything would be alright
That i was gonna make it threw
Have i lied to you?

I sad that i would be alright
I told you i get home soon
I told you to clear a little space of your mind
I told you to think about all the good times we had togheter
But you know, i didnt lie about all those things
Or did i?

I sad all those thing in dread
Not that if im not gonna make it threw
In dread to leaving you
I dont wanna leave you
Not at all
I can’t show my fearness
Thats are very big in me

Would you be angry whit me if i die?
Becuse i realy lied to you than
I sad i was gonna be there for you in the end
To help whit all this stuff
I sad i love you forever, thats true
I sad i gonna miss you forever, ye its true
But if i dont make it threw
Thats meens i...

Skrivet av thisisme, 2008-03-09

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Nu vill jag bara blunda
Vill inte längre torka tårarna på min kind
Jag vill , jag vill visa dom
men vågar inte
Jag vill sjunka genom jorden,
bara blunda och försvinna

Skrivet av thisisme, 2008-03-09

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